Project NameCategoryStatus
004483 Atkinson Boulevard: Warwick Boulevard to Jefferson AvenueStreets & BridgesCloseout
102969 Jefferson Avenue Phase II Utilities Relocation and StreetscapeStreets & BridgesCloseout
2020 Camp Site Training BuildingParks & RecreationPE/Design
2021 Arterial Resurfacing and Concrete ProgramStreets & BridgesConstruction
2021 Supplementary Residential Resurfacing ProgramStreets & BridgesParked
2022 Annual Citywide Resurfacing and Concrete Repair East (Basic)Streets & BridgesConstruction
2022 Annual Citywide Resurfacing and Concrete Repair West (Branscome)Streets & BridgesConstruction
23rd Street BulkheadCommunity DevelopmentPlanning
23rd Street Pier Structural ConditionCommunity DevelopmentPlanning
2506 Jefferson AveCommunity DevelopmentParked
32nd Street Drainage ImprovementStormwater DrainagePlanning
37th Street Sanitary Sewer ReplacementSewer RehabilitationsParked
Aerial Sewer Crossing & Pile Bent Replacement ProjectSewer RehabilitationsPE/Design
Airport Comprehensive Sewer Plan: Hospital Sewer Lines East & WestSewer RehabilitationsPE/Design
Annual Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation & LiningSewer RehabilitationsPE/Design
Annual Sanitary Sewer Repairs (FY 2020 & 2021)Sewer RehabilitationsCloseout
Annual Sanitary Sewer Repairs (FY 2024)Sewer RehabilitationsPE/Design
Belvedere Drive Sanitary Sewer Improvements 70th to River RdSewer RehabilitationsPlanning
Bland Blvd Bridge over I-64 & CSX Railway RepairsStreets & BridgesPlanning
Brandon Heights Drainage Improvements, Ph 2Stormwater DrainageParked
CCTIS - Lakefront Commons and Town Center Drive ImprovementsStreets & BridgesRight of Way
CCTIS - Thimble Shoals Intersection ImprovementsStreets & BridgesRight of Way
Chelsea Place Drainage ImprovementsStormwater DrainagePE/Design
Christine Circle Channel StabilizationStormwater DrainagePE/Design
Christopher Shores Drainage ImprovementsStormwater DrainagePE/Design
City Hall 10th Floor RenovationsPublic BuildingsCloseout
CME - Huntington Beach TrailCommunity FacilitiesPE/Design
CME - James River StrandCommunity DevelopmentConstruction
CNI Ivy Avenue Road ReconstructionStreets & BridgesPE/Design
CNI/Jefferson & Ivy Stormwater DrainagePE/Design
CNI/Seafood Industrial Park Stormwater Outfall Trash GateStormwater DrainagePE/Design
CNN0001 NNTC-3 Trackwork and Service Facility Newport News Transportation CenterTransitConstruction
Colberts Lane Drainage ImprovementsStormwater DrainagePE/Design
Concrete Repairs Bedford RoadStreets & BridgesParked
Country Club Road Drainage ImprovementsStormwater DrainageParked
Denbigh Community Center, Ph IIPublic BuildingsPlanning
Denbigh Fishing Pier Replacement Streets & BridgesPlanning
Downtown Initiatives Streets & BridgesPlanning
FY 22 Annual Bridge, Culvert and Pier Inspection ProgramStreets & BridgesRight of Way
FY 23 Annual Bridge, Culvert and Pier Inspection ProgramStreets & BridgesPE/Design
Glen Allen Court Channel Improvements-Stream RestorationStormwater DrainageParked
Governor Dr Channel StabilizationStormwater DrainagePE/Design
Hampton Ave. Channel Improvements & Constructed WetlandsStormwater DrainageParked
Hertzler Force MainSewer RehabilitationsPE/Design
HRSD - A & B Force MainSewer RehabilitationsParked
HRSD - Huxley Place to Middle Ground Boulevard Force Main ExtensionSewer ExtensionsConstruction
HRT Bus Stop ADA Improvement Project IITransitConstruction
Huxley Place Drainage ImprovementsStormwater DrainagePE/Design
Huxley Place Drainage Repairs and Improvements (2) Lynn Dr to Spur CtStormwater DrainageParked
J. Clyde Morris Boulevard (NBL) Bridge over CSX Railway Repairs - Structure No. 1833Streets & BridgesPE/Design
James River Shoreline Stabilization - River RoadEnvironmentalPE/Design
Lake Shasta Riser ReplacementStormwater DrainageParked
Lee Hall Depot Remedial RepairsParks & RecreationCloseout
Lions Bridge Dam ImprovementsStormwater DrainagePE/Design
Lynchburg Drive Stream RestorationStormwater DrainageCloseout
Main Street and Tyler Avenue Storm Sewer RepairStormwater DrainageParked
Main Street Drainage ImprovementsStormwater DrainageParked
Main Street Underpass Pump StationStormwater DrainagePE/Design
Marshall Avenue ADA ImprovementsStreets & BridgesPlanning
Menchville Marina ImprovementsCommunity DevelopmentPE/Design
Mercury Blvd Bridge over CSX Railway (Rt 17 SBL) Repairs - Structure No. 1820Streets & BridgesPE/Design
Museum Drive Culvert RepairsStormwater DrainageConstruction
Newmarket Creek Drainage Analysis Stormwater DrainagePlanning
Nicewood Area Drainage ImprovementsStormwater DrainagePlanning
Oak Avenue Sanitary Sewer Replacement 18th Street to 16th Street (Section III)Sewer RehabilitationsParked
Oak Avenue Sanitary Sewer Replacement 23rd Street to 18th Street (Section I)Sewer RehabilitationsCloseout
Oak Avenue Sanitary Sewer Replacement 28th Street to 24th Street (Section II)Sewer RehabilitationsPE/Design
Parish Avenue and 22nd St Sanitary Sewer RehabSewer RehabilitationsConstruction
Peterson Yacht Basin Dredging Parked
Pile Bent ProgramsSewer RehabilitationsPlanning
Poplar Ave Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation (25th to 27th St)Sewer RehabilitationsConstruction
Project TACO (Technical Analysis of the Consent Order)Sewer RehabilitationsPE/Design
Public Safety Building Sewer Piping Replacement Phase 1 & Kitchen RenovationPublic BuildingsConstruction
Public Safety Building Structural RepairsPublic BuildingsParked
Pump Station 002 Rehabilitation (1814 Oak Ave)Sewer RehabilitationsConstruction
Pump Station 004 - PER for Rehab of PS and Associated Gravity SewerSewer RehabilitationsPE/Design
Pump Station 004 Rehab & Basin AbatementSewer RehabilitationsPlanning
Pump Station 021 Rehabilitation Slab & GeneratorSewer RehabilitationsPlanning
Pump Station 025 & 088 Permanent Bypass PumpsSewer RehabilitationsConstruction
Pump Station 043 Rehabilitation and Force Main (117 Pocahontas Drive)EquipmentPE/Design
Pump Station 049 Force Main RelocationSewer RehabilitationsConstruction
Pump Station 056 RehabSewer RehabilitationsPE/Design
Pump Station 059 Force MainSewer RehabilitationsPE/Design
Pump Station 080 RehabSewer RehabilitationsPE/Design
Pump Station 082 RehabSewer RehabilitationsPE/Design
Pump Station 087 & Jones Run RehabSewer RehabilitationsPE/Design
Pump Station Rain GaugesSewer RehabilitationsPE/Design
PW - 15490 Warwick Blvd Stormsewer RepairStormwater DrainageCloseout
PW - Anne Burras Lane Drainage ImprovementsStormwater DrainageParked
PW - Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, Identification and MitigationPublic BuildingsCloseout
PW - Citywide Pump Station Ventilation ImprovementsEquipmentConstruction
PW - CNU Sailing Center Sanitary Force Main Sewer ExtensionsConstruction
PW - Drainage Improvements 234-248 Weatherford WayStormwater DrainageParked
PW - Drainage Repairs at 17 Flaxmill RoadStormwater DrainageParked
PW - Nelson Dr/ Jones Rd Area Drainage Improvements, Ph 3CStormwater DrainageParked
PW - Nicewood Park Outfall StablizationStormwater DrainageParked
PW - Pump Station Flow Meter ReplacementEquipmentPE/Design
PW - Rivermont Road Sanitary Sewer ReplacementSewer RehabilitationsConstruction
Raleigh Road Drainage ImprovementsStormwater DrainagePlanning
Richneck Regional Water Quality and Flood Control BMPStormwater DrainageCloseout
Riverview Farm Park Pier Repairs Streets & BridgesPlanning
Rouse Tower Sanitary Sewer RehabilitationSewer RehabilitationsPE/Design
Sanitary Flow Monitoring services FY2020Sewer RehabilitationsConstruction
SCADA ReplacmentSewer RehabilitationsPE/Design
Seafood Industrial Park - Pier and Dock at North End of Inner HarborCommunity DevelopmentPlanning
Seafood Industrial Park Dredge of North End of Inner HarborCommunity DevelopmentPlanning
Seafood Industrial Park Phase II South Barge Mooring ModificationCommunity DevelopmentParked
Seafood Industrial Park West Bulkhead Terminal ModificationsCommunity DevelopmentParked
Sluice Mill Dam ImprovementsStormwater DrainagePlanning
Stormwater Master Plans (3)Stormwater DrainagePE/Design
Streetlights Huntington Point (Developer)Community DevelopmentPE/Design
Streetlights- Upgrade Streetlights to LED ProgramStreets & BridgesConstruction
Tack Court Drainage ImprovementsStormwater DrainageConstruction
Terminal Ave & 19th St Sanitary Sewer RealignmentSewer RehabilitationsCloseout
Thalia/Saddler Dr Channel Improvement-Stream RestorationStormwater DrainageCloseout
Traffic Signal and Pedestrian Improvements at Briarfield Road and Marshall AvenueStreets & BridgesPE/Design
Traffic Signal at 71st Street and Warwick BoulevardStreets & BridgesParked
Traffic Signal Repairs Oyster Point Rd and Arboretum Way (Radcliff Ln)Streets & BridgesParked
UPC #094832 Huntington Avenue Bridge ReplacementStreets & BridgesParked
UPC #102734 NNTC-1 PE/Design Newport News Transportation CenterTransitPE/Design
UPC #103059 - Citywide Pedestrian Improvements Streets & BridgesRight of Way
UPC #105624 Route 105 (Fort Eustis Blvd) Bridge over the Newport News Reservoir ReplacementStreets & BridgesConstruction
UPC #107058 Citywide Signal System UpgradeStreets & BridgesPE/Design
UPC #108722 Tech Center Parkway (Hogan Drive - Ph II)Streets & BridgesConstruction
UPC #108723 Habersham Area ImprovementsStreets & BridgesRight of Way
UPC #108794 Warwick Blvd and Harpersville Rd Intersection ImprovementsStreets & BridgesPE/Design
UPC #108980 Briarfield Sidewalk - Marshall to ChestnutStreets & BridgesPE/Design
UPC #108981 Warwick Boulevard Wide Sidewalk - Lucas Creek Road to Atkinson WayStreets & BridgesPE/Design
UPC #109059 Washington Avenue Streetscape and Pedestrian ImprovementsStreets & BridgesConstruction
UPC #109075 NNTC-2 Grading and Utilities Newport News Transportation CenterTransitConstruction
UPC #109076 NNTC-4 Station, Platform and Site Finishes Newport News Transportation CenterTransitConstruction
UPC #111034 Traffic Signal Improvements with Flashing Yellow Arrows CitywideStreets & BridgesPE/Design
UPC #111035 Traffic Signal Installation: Jefferson Avenue at Pavilion PlaceStreets & BridgesPE/Design
UPC #111065 Traffic Signal and Turn Lane Installation: Rock Landing Drive and Omni BoulevardStreets & BridgesRight of Way
UPC #111090 Pedestrian Enhancements on Jefferson Avenue from Industrial Park Drive to Shields RoadStreets & BridgesPE/Design
UPC #111091 Jefferson Avenue and Yorktown Road Intersection ImprovementsStreets & BridgesPE/Design
UPC #113819 Warwick Boulevard and Oriana Road Intersection ImprovementsStreets & BridgesPE/Design
UPC #113820 Harpersville Sidewalk - Bayberry Dr to Daphia CirStreets & BridgesPE/Design
UPC #113823 Denbigh Boulevard Sidewalk: Old Denbigh Boulevard to Woodside LaneStreets & BridgesPE/Design
UPC #113849 Jefferson Avenue Sidewalk: Shields Road to Sea Pine LaneStreets & BridgesPE/Design
UPC #113986 Canon Blvd Signal - Oyster Point Access ImprovementsStreets & BridgesParked
UPC #114388 ITS Upgrades ConstructionStreets & BridgesParked
UPC #115237 J. Clyde Morris Intersection ImprovementsStreets & BridgesPlanning
UPC #115241 Jefferson Ave & Oyster Point Rd IntersectionStreets & BridgesPlanning
UPC #115504 Warwick Blvd & Oyster Point Road IntersectionStreets & BridgesPlanning
UPC #117136 Complete Streets on 16th Street: Ivy Avenue to Marshall AvenueStreets & BridgesPlanning
UPC #119256 SGR Resurfacing Jefferson Avenue from Belmont Road to Hudson TerraceStreets & BridgesPE/Design
UPC #119360 Oyster Point Rd Widening Operation Dr to Jefferson AveStreets & BridgesPlanning
UPC #121032 SGR Denbigh East Bound & West Bound RepavingStreets & BridgesPlanning
UPC #121111 Bates Drive Multi-Use PathStreets & BridgesPE/Design
UPC #121114 Jefferson Ave SGR Resurfacing and Concrete Repairs Harpersville Road to Hemlock RoadStreets & BridgesPlanning
VDOT - UPC #093077 Denbigh Boulevard Bridge Replacement over I-64 and CSX RailroadStreets & BridgesConstruction
VDOT - UPC #106665 I-64 Six-Lane Peninsula Widening - Segment IIStreets & BridgesConstruction
VDOT - UPC #113259 Oyster Point Access Improvements (Ramps)Streets & BridgesRight of Way
Victory Landing Park Fender System and BulkheadParks & RecreationPlanning
Village Green Stormwater Pump Station #041Stormwater DrainageParked
Virgil I. Grissom Library ReplacementPublic BuildingsPlanning
Warwick Boulevard and Yorktown Road Intersection ImprovementsStreets & BridgesRight of Way
Warwick Boulevard Drainage ImprovementsStormwater DrainagePE/Design
Warwick Landing Channel ImprovementsStormwater DrainagePE/Design
Wendwood Lake West Outfall ReplacementStormwater DrainageParked

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