Project Description
Improvements to the dam for Mariners' Lake include the armoring of the entire downstream embankment, rehabilitation of the outfall culvert, and construction of a low level inlet structure to control the lake level and discharge from the lake. These improvements are necessary in order for the dam to receive certification of operation and maintenance from the State Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), Dam Safety Division.  The present spillway operation has stop-logs that are removed or replaced by Mariners' Museum staff using a crane machine to lift and place the logs. The dam has been overtopped by large storm events which have caused minor damage to the area that have been repaired.  In addition to these improvements, off-shore stabilization will be performed prior to removal of shoreline vegetation based on DCR's requirements.
Project Manager
Hai Tran

How does this project serve Newport News’ citizens?
Facility will pass the required storm event which is the 1/2 Probable Maximum Flood

Relationship to Comprehensive Plan Themes
  • Prosperous & Resilient
  • Sustainable
  • Healthy & Safe
  • Respects its Uniqueness


Activity Start Finish % Complete
PE/Design 05-Aug-2013 28-Aug-2020
PE - Preliminary 05-Aug-2013 28-Aug-2020
PE - Design 31-Aug-2020 26-May-2023
PE - Environmental 07-Jun-2021 01-Apr-2022
PE - Public Involvement 20-Sep-2021 29-Oct-2021
Construction 01-Jan-2024 05-Jan-2024
CA - Pre-Ad 29-May-2023 22-Jun-2023
CA - Advertisement 23-Jun-2023 14-Aug-2023
CA - Bid Date 15-Aug-2023 15-Aug-2023
CA - Construction Award 16-Aug-2023 29-Dec-2023
CA - CEI 01-Jan-2024 05-Jan-2024
CA - Construction 08-Dec-2023 07-Apr-2025
CA - Construction Closeout 08-Apr-2025 31-Jul-2025
Project Closeout 01-Aug-2025 30-Sep-2025


Construction progress as June 14th, 2024 • The construction is in Phase 3 (Full road closure) • Continue to work on the 8” DIP waterline on the northwest end. • Continue to install ACB matting • Pour curb and gutter • Continue to work on for Cutoff wall • Mill roadway surfaces 06/14/2024

Construction progress as of June 7th, 2024 • The construction is in Phase 3 (Full road closure) • Started installing 8” DIP waterline on the northwest end. • Continue to install ACB matting (up to sections H and I) • Cutoff Wall on the Westbound lane (Lake side) was poured and completed. • Poured the median (the island at Mariner Dr. and Mariners Pkwy) curb and gutter. 06/07/2024

Lions Bridge Closure Notice: Starting May 28, the Lions Bridge will be closed for significant construction as we enter Phase 3 of the Lions Bridge Dam Improvements project. This closure affects both Museum Drive and Museum Parkway. The city's contracted vendor will install a new concrete roadway, build the dam’s cutoff wall, and relocate a waterline. The project is anticipated to completed by August 9, 2024. During the construction period, a detour will be set up to help motorists navigate around the closure. The pedestrian path that runs along Lions Bridge and connects to the Noland Trail will remain open during construction. If you have any questions or need more information, please reach out to the project team at (757) 933-2311. 05/28/2024

Project is out for advertisement. A non-mandatory pre-bid meeting is now scheduled for July 13th at 10:00 at the Mariners' Museum. Bids will be received August 1st. 06/23/2023



Contract Name Contractor/Consultant Start Finish Contract Amount Paid To Date
Lake Maury Improvements (design) Arcadis-U.s., INC. 30-May-2011 30-Jun-2011 $141,800.00 $141,800.00
Lake Maury Spillway Improvements (design) Arcadis-U.s., INC. 10-Oct-2013 30-Jun-2019 $227,088.75 $227,088.75
Lake Maury Spillway Improvements - Additional Services (design) Arcadis-U.s., INC. 02-Feb-2016 31-Mar-2019 $89,252.60 $89,252.60
Lake Maury Spillway Improvements - Additional Services (design1) Arcadis-U.s., INC. 01-May-2017 31-Mar-2019 $99,635.00 $99,635.00
Task #5: Conditional Certification Application & Reallocated Design Fees Arcadis-U.s., INC. 09-Apr-2020 31-Jul-2020 $328,500.00 $328,500.00
Lions Bridge Dam Task #6 - Final Design Arcadis-U.s., INC. 25-Jan-2021 30-Apr-2022 $459,383.00 $459,383.00
Dominion Energy Pole Removal and Reinstallation VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY 28-Apr-2022 31-Dec-2022 $13,300.05 $13,300.05
Task #7-Lions Bridge Dam Construction & Inspection Services Arcadis-U.s., INC. 08-Aug-2022 31-Mar-2025 $362,580.20 $92,102.94
Lions Bridge Dam Improvements - Construction CORMAN KOKOSING CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 08-Jan-2024 07-Jan-2025 $7,554,628.00 $3,944,823.92

The data contained on this page is for general information purposes only. While endeavoring to keep the information up to date and correct, the City of Newport News disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy of the data. Please verify with the project manager before making any decisions or taking any actions based on this information.