Project Description
Construct a new library to replace the existing Virgil I. Grissom Library.  Exact size and configuration will be determined by schematic design development. The Library and Space Needs Facility Committee conducted a study in 2008 and recommended between 31,732 square feet to 34,234 square feet depending on which option was ultimately selected
Project Manager
Bruce Wobser
George Batts

How does this project serve Newport News’ citizens?
North end City citizens will have improved access to library services through an expanded facility.

Relationship to Comprehensive Plan Themes
  • Accessible
  • Healthy & Safe
  • Balances Good Places & New Spaces


Activity Start Finish % Complete
PE/Design 14-Oct-2022 01-Jan-2025
PE - Preliminary 14-Oct-2022 02-Feb-2023
PE - Design 03-Feb-2023 01-Jan-2025
Construction 06-Jan-2025 08-Jul-2026
CA - Pre-Ad 06-Jan-2025 20-Jan-2025
CA - Advertisement 21-Jan-2025 04-Feb-2025
CA - Bid Date 20-Jan-2025 20-Jan-2025
CA - Construction Award 21-Jan-2025 14-Feb-2025
CA - Construction 17-Feb-2025 08-Jun-2026
CA - Construction Closeout 09-Jun-2026 08-Jul-2026
Project Closeout 18-Jul-2025 22-Aug-2025




Contract Name Contractor/Consultant Start Finish Contract Amount Paid To Date

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