Project Description
Resurfacing of various city streets and associated concrete repairs.Locations:1. Jefferson Ave, from Yorktown Rd to City Line.2. J. Clyde Morris Blvd, from Traverse Phase Line to City Line.4. Jefferson Ave, from 12259 Jefferson Ave. to 12120 Jefferson Ave.5. J.Clyde Morris  Blvd, I-64 Ramps - Both North & South.6. Jefferson Ave, from J Clyde Morris Blvd to Harpersville Rd.7. Oyster Point Rd, from Cannon Blvd to City Line.8. Yorktown Rd, From Jefferson Ave. to Warwick Blvd.9. Old Oyster Point Rd, from Bridge / overpass to J.Clyde Morris Blvd.  
Project Manager
Thomas Cheney
Kirk McMath

How does this project serve Newport News’ citizens?
Helps to reduce vehicular damage, accidents, and improve safety.

Relationship to Comprehensive Plan Themes
  • Accessible
  • Healthy & Safe


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