Project Description
Location:  CSXT mainline in Newport News with "candidate" site identified at Bland Blvd adjacent to Interstate 64.Project:  Design and construction administration contracts related to the Newport News Transportation Center near CSX and Bland Blvd to replace the Amtrak Station and related operations in South Hilton area. The three construction contracts are related projects NNTC-2, NNTC-3 and NNTC-4.Performance/Outcome:  This new multi-modal transportation center will be more energy efficient, it will allow for increased passenger train ridership, decreased costs because AMTRAK will be able to turn and maintain the trains on site. CSX will also have more main line track time available for cargo traffic because passenger trains will not need to use the main lines as much. Transportation options will increase through new inter-city bus service with local connections including HRT, shuttles to airport and taxi service.
Project Manager
Vincent Urbano

How does this project serve Newport News’ citizens?
Energy efficient, increased ridership, decreased costs, more mainline track time, more transportatio

Relationship to Comprehensive Plan Themes
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Activity Start Finish % Complete
PE/Design 15-Oct-2012 05-Apr-2019
PE - Preliminary 15-Oct-2012 13-Dec-2012
PE - Design 14-Dec-2012 05-Apr-2019
PE - Environmental 13-Dec-2013 13-Dec-2016
PE - Public Involvement 13-Dec-2013 13-Dec-2016
Right of Way 19-Sep-2016 14-Sep-2018
ROW - Land Acquisition 19-Sep-2016 19-Sep-2017
ROW - Utility Relocation 15-Jan-2018 14-Sep-2018




Contract Name Contractor/Consultant Start Finish Contract Amount Paid To Date
Newport News Transportation Center UPC 102734 Preliminary Design WSP USA, INC. 25-Jan-2013 05-Sep-2019 $4,448,586.16 $4,448,586.16
UPC #102734 Newport news Transportation Center Value Engineering Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc. 28-Mar-2016 30-Jun-2016 $72,194.46 $0.00
Stream and Wetlands Mitigation Credits Great Dismal Swamp restoration Bank, LLC 01-Nov-2017 05-Dec-2017 $72,618.00 $0.00
CSX PE Agreement CSX TRANSPORTATION INC 23-Feb-2017 17-May-2017 $43,085.79 $43,085.79
UPC #102734 NNTC mitigation credits Varina Mitigation, LLC 04-Oct-2017 02-Feb-2018 $51,410.00 $0.00

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