Project Description
Location:  Wendfield Circle and Harpersville RdProject:  The subdivision's storm drain outfall into Big Bethel Reservoir will be improved to handle a 10-year storm event instead of the current less-than-2-year event. Improvements will alleviate street flooding in Wendfield Circle.  Sidewalk will be included along Harpersville Road from its current end at Wendfield Circle to Bayberry Drive.near Chestnut Memorial Methodist Church. Performance/Outcome:  The new drainage system will handle a 10-year storm event and relieve street flooding.  .
Project Manager
Khanh Khuu

Ulisse, Mark V. (

How does this project serve Newport News’ citizens?
The new drainage system will handle a 10-year storm event relieving flooding for approximately 145 B

Relationship to Comprehensive Plan Themes
  • Sustainable
  • Healthy & Safe


Activity Start Finish % Complete
Project Closeout 26-Apr-2022 20-May-2022
PE - Preliminary 02-Nov-2018 30-Nov-2018
PE - Design 01-Dec-2018 01-Feb-2021
Right of Way 01-Oct-2018 09-Jan-2020
ROW - Land Acquisition 01-Oct-2018 18-Oct-2019
ROW - Utility Relocation 02-Dec-2019 09-Jan-2020
Construction 09-Feb-2021 25-Apr-2022
CA - Pre-Ad 09-Feb-2021 18-Feb-2021
CA - Advertisement 19-Feb-2021 23-Mar-2021
CA - Bid Date 24-Mar-2021 24-Mar-2021
CA - Construction Award 25-Mar-2021 02-Jun-2021
CA - CEI 03-Jun-2021 03-Jun-2021
CA - Construction 09-Aug-2021 24-Feb-2022
CA - Construction Closeout 25-Feb-2022 25-Apr-2022


Next week Gaston Brothers will start milling and paving Harpersville Rd. The plan is to open up the road on December 20th, 2021.   Tomorrow Gaston Brothers is continued to work the waterline on Wendfield Circle. 11/23/2021

Excavation started on Monday 9/20/21. End walls (EW-2) and some structures were at site to get ready to install. Gaston Brothers plans to cut down the trees as shown on the plans and clear out some trees around the outfall area on Thursday 9/23.   09/21/2021

Excavation and detour start today 9/20/2021.  Beginning Monday, September 20, a segment of Harpersville Road will be closed for about two months for a drainage improvement project for the Bayberry Subdivision. There will be no through traffic on Harpersville Road between Saunders Road and J. Clyde Morris Boulevard while work is being done on Harpersville, and a detour will be in place for motorists. After the closure, the work will move into the neighborhood and Harpersville will reopen. 09/20/2021



Contract Name Contractor/Consultant Start Finish Contract Amount Paid To Date
Upgrade 9 existing HID Streetlights on Harpersville Rd. to LED Dominion Energy 22-Aug-2019 20-Nov-2019 $1,316.64 $1,316.64
Bayberry Drainage Improvements Improvements - Phase 1 Gaston Brothers Utilities, LLC 09-Aug-2021 22-Jan-2022 $1,009,398.20 $471,145.37

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